Intello Technologies presents a new way to manage your iPads and PC laptops, the first true Compact Mobile Business Center for Hotels and Resorts, NetSpot.

With NetSpot, you can offer free or transactional iPad and laptop rentals to your guests, clients or staff via ID card, credit card or convenience card.

All iPads and laptops are completely locked until a card is used to select a device. If not returned, you have complete control of user list and whereabouts.

NetSpot is offered to you in monthly rentals fees specifically adapted to fit your needs.

NetSpot is a PC laptop and iPAD rental station providing local users the convenience of a device fired up to access the Internet. It is typically located in public places such as hotels and resort lobbies, restaurants, hospitals, conference centers, waiting areas, etc. Clients, employees, visitors or guests can pick up a portable PC or iPad and surf the Net anywhere in the comfort of the premise. NetSpot is easy to install. NetSpot is worry free for site owners. NetSpot is managed and controlled remotely. NetSpot offers many outstanding features :

  • Discretion: Your guests can use the iPad or laptop anywhere they want, to navigate the internet, work or just relax.
  • Security & performance: When iPad and laptop are returned, the system is automatically reset to it’s initial parameters. This guarantees that your guests will have the most performing, secure and virus free IPAD’S and laptop experience.
  • Flexibility: NetSpot can be installed anywhere. All iPads and laptops are linked to your WiFi service. Additionally, NetSpot kiosks can be customized to accept different iPad and laptop configurations.

6 slots for iPads or PC laptops per console

  • Kiosk can have many configurations and you can mix and match iPads and laptops
  • Self-serve rentals by credit card or convenience card
  • Touch screen for rentals, quick and easy returns
  • Links to hotels Wi-Fi service for an optimal coverage
  • Requires a standard 120 volts electrical outlet
  • Counter or pedestal version available

As with all of our other products, we provide a high quality level of support.

We provide the following services:

  • Network design, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Second level support in case of system malfunction
  • Around the clock monitoring
  • Ongoing consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Toll free customer service center
  • Number listed at all times on touch screen

Contact Sylvain Boudreau, Senior Director Hospitality Division Intello Technologies at [email protected] or in Canada at 1-888-404-6261 ext 411

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