ORLANDO – Hospitality software solution company Intelity announced a partnership with PAR Springer-Miller’s SpaSoft Spa and Activity Management system. With the first deployment expected in September, Intelity’s ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) enterprise platform will add SpaSoft to its guest services menu.

As a result, hotel guests can utilize the ICE guest interface to review availability of spa services and schedule  appointments via any of the ICE interfaces – from smartphone to tablet to television to laptop. Reservations then flow into SpaSoft in real-time. This will allow ICE to provide hotels with an all-new, strategic option that functions seamlessly with their other in-place backend systems (e.g. PMS, POS, etc.).

“We’re eager to promote our new partnership with fellow hospitality technology innovator SpaSoft,” said David Adelson, president and CEO of Intelity. “This is the first spa solution integration that Intelity will offer, and I believe it will enhance our product for luxury hotels and resorts in particular. Our focus is on incorporating every available service into our platform, and we value partnerships with other technology developers as a way to enable hotels to streamline all of their guest service operations.”

ICE, the preferred guest services management platform in more than 500 hotels worldwide, currently touts more than 25 integrations with a variety of hotel management systems.

“The partnership between SpaSoft and Intelity will not only enhance the total guest experience, it also is an opportunity for hotels to increase their revenue and usage of their spa amenities,” said Victor Vesnaver, senior vice president of sales and marketing for PAR Springer-Miller. “Guests value shorter response time, convenience and efficiency, and our system, in conjunction with the ICE software, is able to offer them all three.”

For more information about Intelity, please visit http://www.intelitycorp.com.

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