VICTORIA — The Inn at Laurel Point has teamed up with Synergy Enterprises to introduce its new Carbon-Neutral Events Program, its latest eco-friendly initiative in celebration of Earth Month.

The new package includes a toolkit that will enable Inn at Laurel Point to help event planners calculate their carbon footprint and offset travel and food-related emissions. Then, event planners will be given a certificate of authenticity to recognize their commitment to carbon neutrality.

Additionally, the new events program includes low-carbon menu options featuring plant-based items, Vancouver-Island sourced products and plated meals rather than buffet-style options to avoid food waste. It will also recommend other like-minded businesses.

“We’ve had a long history of aiming to empower staff, guests and community stakeholders to take a more eco-friendly approach. This new program is part of a strategy to go beyond sustainability and do our part to restore balance to our environment, society and economy,” says Brooke Harris, director of Sales and Marketing at Inn at Laurel Point. “This is just another step that our team is taking to lessen the impact we all have on the environment, and we are excited to show our meeting planners how they can take the first step by opting for carbon-neutral events.”

“By leveraging all that they have learned from a decade of making sustainability a priority, the team at Inn at Laurel Point continues to lead the charge to empower people to invest in carbon-reduction initiatives,” says Kayli Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of Synergy Enterprises. “The carbon neutral events and low-carbon menus are two programs that will directly contribute to a more sustainable future and hopefully inspire change across travel, events and the hotel industry.”

Other innovations to minimize the hotel’s carbon footprint include net-zero air conditioning via hydrothermal technology, installing LED lights and low-flow fixtures to improve energy and water efficiency, turning worn sheets into bandages to provide first-aid supplies for developing nations and more.


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