SAN FRANCISCO —, a discount travel website, recently shared the results of its September 2010 Canadian Hotel Rate Report, featuring Canadian cities that have seen the largest drop in rates.

According to the company, Calgary tops this month’s report with a 14 per cent drop, while other popular leisure destinations complete the list, including Halifax, Vancouver and Victoria. When compared to the same time last year, the top five hotel price reductions for September 2010 include: Calgary, down 14 per cent; Kitchener Ont., down 13 per cent; Halifax, down 11 per cent; Vancouver, down eight per cent and Victoria B.C., down one per cent.

“It’s interesting to see how summer performance influences fall pricing,” says Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group. “In this case, the end result is a great opportunity for consumers to take an affordable getaway in Canada. The weather is still good and you can get in before the winter sports enthusiasts fill some of these cities and drive prices up.”



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