SAN FRANCISCO — just unveiled a report that lists Calgary as the Canadian city with the greatest drop in hotel rates.

The report identifies Calgary (six per cent), Niagara Falls (five per cent), Quebec City (three per cent), Banff (two per cent) and Whistler (two per cent) as the cities that have seen the most significant drops. According to Hotwire, the climbing Canadian dollar and soft domestic demand is likely the reason for the declines.

But while low rates may seem like bad news for hoteliers, the report suggests consumers could find them encouraging, as affordable rates may attract leisure, shopping and business travellers to destinations in Alberta and tourists to Niagara Falls and Quebec City. “Top Canadian cities are still discounting their prices even though we’re entering what is usually the strongest time of the year for visitors,” said Clem Bason, president of the Hotwire Group. “Hotels realize that the Canadian dollar remains strong, and they are taking measures to ensure travellers see the value of visiting their properties as well as their cities.”


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