TORONTO — A recent Mobile Travel Tracker shows Canadians are focusing less on price, booking hotels at odd times in odd places and staying more connected with friends while travelling.

The global study of 9,200 travellers in 31 countries determined the average traveller takes four trips a year and spends 13 nights per year in hotels. Almost 10 per cent stay in hotels for more than 31 days.

“We pride ourselves on the booking experience we offer today’s modern traveller through our mobile app,” says Dan Craig, senior director of Mobile at brand. “As one of the market leaders in the mobile space, we’re constantly innovating and adding new features to make our app more personal and improve both hotel shopping and the customer experience. We see a growing number of transactions coming from mobile, so it’s fantastic to see travellers anticipating new mobile technology features.”

Almost 30 per cent of Canadians book their accommodations via mobile devices. However, that number increases to 42 per cent among travellers aged 30 to 40. Seventeen per cent of Canadian travellers admit to booking accommodations while in bed with their partner and 11 per cent say they book accommodations at work, while they are supposed to be working. A sheepish nine per cent admitted to booking hotels and making travel plans while in the bathroom.

Those surveyed also said modern payment methods and positive guest reviews are more important to them than saving a few dollars.

Nine per cent say a loyalty rewards program helps decide where they will stay and 11 per cent stated coupon codes will factor into their accommodation decision as well. A surprising 23 per cent of respondents said they will only stay at hotels offering free Wi-Fi.


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