TORONTO — Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean were the only regions to experience average hotel price increases (up one per cent) throughout 2016, according to’s latest Hotel Price Index (HPI). The HPI is an annual report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world and is based on data from bookings made on websites worldwide.

The HPI also found that top U.S. destinations remained popular among Canadians in 2016, despite the falling Canadian dollar and increased hotel prices (up between three and 10 per cent) in all top destinations except Boston and San Francisco.

Canadian travellers also turned to destinations further abroad to get travel deals, frequenting destinations in Europe and Asia. Currency fluctuations in these regions offered decreased average prices, such as in London, where Canadians paid nine per cent less compared to 2015.

Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton were among the most popular domestic destinations, despite average price increases in both Toronto and Montreal (up seven per cent and four per cent respectively). The highest average price increase was in Whistler (up 13 per cent), making the B.C. favourite the domestic destination where Canadian travellers paid the most amongst the top 50.

The complete HPI is available at


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