EDWARDS, Colo. — According to recent data collected by hospitality CRM, Ryan Solutions, one out of 10 hotels have made an active effort to capitalize on Pokémon Go fever — a location-based mobile game that’s become a worldwide frenzy since its initial release for the iOS and Android platforms, earlier this month.

Ryan Solutions analyzed 5,000 hotel and resort Twitter accounts for the month of July and found that 9.2 per cent mentioned “Pokémon” at least once in their tweets between July 6 and July 17.

During this period, 1.2 per cent of all tweets from the analysis group included a reference to the game, many of which were hoping to attract gamers to their properties.

Pokémon related tweets peaked one week after Ryan Solutions began its analysis, on July 13, with 5 per cent of the 5,000 hotels mentioning “Pokémon” at least once.

Since then, references to the game have steadily declined and sit at 1.9 per cent this week. Based on its analysis, Ryan Solutions is not foreseeing a resurgence, believing the prime period for the industry to jump on board has passed.


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