QUEBEC CITY — A disgruntled hotelier is reportedly suing a former guest for $95,000 in damages for posting a bad review on TripAdvisor.

The reviewer, Laurent Azoulay, stayed at the Hôtel Québec, in Quebec City in April, and claimed to be woken at night by bedbugs biting him. He trapped some of them in a glass jar to show the front desk, but the hotel was booked that night, so he couldn’t switch rooms and didn’t want to move to a different hotel. The next day, Azoulay took to TripAdvisor and reportedly wrote the following review: “Beware of bed bugs! If you are looking for a scratch-free night sleep, stay elsewhere; you will be doing you and your loved ones a favour! Trust me … and that’s why the Internet is a great tool!”

Hotel owners say that since the review, reservations have been cancelled and sales have been lost. “Cleanliness is the name of the game in the hotel business,” Quebec City lawyer William Noonan, who filed the motion on behalf of the hotel owners last month, told The case has yet to go to court.


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