Team engineers checks construction blueprints on new project

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. — The Middle East & Africa was the only world region to show an increase in overall hotel-pipeline activity at the end of the third quarter, according to September 2022 data from STR.

In comparison with September 2021 data, there are 130,956 rooms in construction in the Middle East & Africa region (down 3.2 per cent); 38,147 rooms in the final planning stage (down 5.9 per cent); 74,510 rooms in the planning stage (up 18.9 per cent); and 243,613 rooms total under contract (up 2.2 per cent). Saudi Arabia (39,070) and United Arab Emirates (32,373) lead in construction activity.

In Europe, there are 197,884 rooms in construction (down 14.1 per cent); 144,277 rooms in final planning (down 16.1 per cent); 162, 896 rooms in planning (up 9.7 per cent); and 505,057 rooms total under contract (down 8.3 per cent). Germany (38,676) and the U.K. (29,471) lead Europe lead in construction activity.

In the Asia Pacific, there are 485,250 rooms in construction (up 1.5 per cent); 131,427 rooms in final planning (down 26.3 per cent); 287,572 rooms in planning (down 0.2 per cent); and 904,249 rooms total under contract (down 4.3 per cent). China has the most rooms in construction (311,859), followed by Vietnam (28,692).

In the Americas, there are 207,585 rooms in construction (down 9.2 per cent); 203,069 rooms in final planning (down 17.9 per cent); 329,789 rooms in planning (up 9.4 per cent); and 740,443 rooms total under contract (down 4.8 per cent). The U.S. holds the majority of rooms in construction, followed by Mexico (14,077) and Canada (7,126).


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