LONDON — At the end of the second quarter, each of the four world regions showed a year-over-year decline in hotel pipeline activity, according to June 2022 data by STR.

In comparison to June 2021, Europe has 207,315 rooms in construction (down 12.6 per cent); 150,164 rooms in final planning (down 15.2 per cent); 163,380 rooms in planning (up 10.6 per cent); and 520,859 in total under contract (down 7.4 per cent). Germany (40,729) and the U.K. (28,612) lead Europe in total rooms in construction.

The Asia Pacific has 486,412 rooms in construction (up 2.1 per cent); 128,808 rooms in final planning (down 29 per cent); 302,499 rooms in planning (up 11.5 per cent); and 917,719 in total under contract (down 1.2 per cent). Among countries in the region, China has the most rooms in construction (308,062), followed by Vietnam (31,161).

The Middle East & Africa has 127,397 rooms in construction (down 6.2 per cent); 37,143 rooms in the final planning stages (down 18 per cent); 73,096 rooms in the planning stages (up 26.1 per cent); and 237,636 in total under contract (down 0.6 per cent). Saudi Arabia (37,654) and the United Arab Emirates (31,671) lead in construction activity.

Finally, the Americas have 202,250 rooms in construction (down 16.9 per cent); 208,583 rooms in the final planning stages (down 14.4 per cent); 328,944 rooms in the planning stages (10.4 per cent); and 739,777 in total under contract (down 5.8 per cent). The U.S. holds the majority of rooms in construction, followed by Mexico (14,909) and Canada (7,232).


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