MONTREAL — Just as hoteliers are scrambling to respond to a recent Marketplace report on hotel cleanliness, Montreal’s Hôtel Le Crystal has announced the launch of its new Platinum Certified Hotel Hygiene Standard.

“Our suites and amenities are designed for total comfort,” said Geoffrey Allan, Le Crystal’s VP of Operations and Development. “It’s important that our guests can fully enjoy their suite and public areas with complete confidence, knowing that abnormal bacteria counts will never be a concern.”

The new hygienic standards at the boutique hotel include: hospital-certified disinfectant used in bathrooms and high touch-points; bed linens changed before every check-in; an individually wrapped extra blanket in the closet; dishware washed at 140˚F; suites treated with a two-hour ultra-violet disinfectant session every three months; routine pest-control treatments; and carpets routinely treated with an anti-bacterial agent.

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