In the last article, we discussed the growing demand for Hotel TV Interactive Applications (often called platforms, solutions). These solutions help hoteliers offer a more personalized, technological and professional welcome and stay for their guests in contrast to most other hotels still only offering Cable TV channels.

One of the well-known solution available is the LG Pro:Centric. CES is proud to be the pioneer of LG Pro: Centric integration for Canadian hoteliers and have been doing most of the LG Pro:Centric integration and support in the past decade.

Below are a few key benefits of LG Pro:Centric:

  1. Offer a superior guest experience: Offer channel guide, hotel information, personalized welcome,
  2. Increase hotel ROI: Help promote hotel amenities and services, decrease front desk calls
  3. Support IT & Maintenance: Pro:Centric allows all TVs to be controlled from a central location, allowing TV programming and firmware updates in one click.  
  4. Reliability: The LG Pro:Centric server is manufactured by LG Electronics and only compatible with LG Hospitality televisions and set-top boxes. It has a proven track record of excellent stability and reliability.
  5. Low cost: LG Pro:Centric is one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

LG’s Pro:Centric application enhances the guest experience through the in-room television. Guests can locate and enjoy available TV channels or access a wide range of OTT (Over-The-Top) streaming apps, check on the daily weather and review available hotel amenities — all from the comfort of their room. Pro:Centric acts as an in-room concierge — guests are presented with a hotel-branded user interface with simple-to-use and interactive menus on the television to view a digital compendium on hotel amenities such as restaurants, bars, fitness and business centres or local area attractions.

Through its intuitive user interface, guests can launch the interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to select their favorite TV sitcom or find premium movie channels. A casting feature can be added to the Pro: Centric via a third party. An experienced integrator such as CES will not only offer you a full turnkey LG Pro:Centric solution anywhere in Canada, but also assist you in verifying your cabling infrastructure, Wi-Fi and other key items that will guide you to the best solution for your hotel.

LG’s Pro:Centric Direct improves guest satisfaction and promotes a consistent revenue stream for your property. Contact Philippe from CES or Martin from LG Canada for more information on the Pro:Centric and stand out with this great interactive solution in 2020.

Philippe Landry
National Sales Manager, CES
Has been with CES for 8 years now, serving all Canadian properties assisted by his experimented hospitality team.

Martin Daignault
National Account Executive, LG


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