ATLANTA, Ga. — Paul Breslin of Horwath HTL Atlanta, released the company’s latest industry report this week, highlighting trends in the U.S. and Canadian tourism market.

In the report, Industry Report USA and Canada, a Summer of Tourism, he says Canada has proven appealing for Americans seeking a travel experience while still remaining close to home. While recent global affairs have made some Americans weary of travelling beyond U.S. borders, Canada’s economic and political stability have helped make the nation a popular destination for Americans this year.

According to Breslin, Toronto is on track this year to beat its 2015 record of 14 million overnight visitors and Destination Canada reports international spending to Canada has increased by 4.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2016 — the biggest Q1 increase since 2010. The report also shows the average stay-duration of an international visitor is 11 days, compared to seven days for U.S. travellers. All of this has helped strengthen Canada’s economy, despite its weak dollar in recent years.

To read Paul Breslin’s complete Industry Report, click here.


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