MONTREAL — Looks like Airbnb isn’t the only unconventional accommodation service that’s gaining share in Canada; could be another service to watch. 

In the period between June 2013 and June 2014, the global community expanded by 17.5 per cent. Canadians represent the fourth-largest nationality among the site’s 54,000 members, and Canada remains the fifth most popular destination for home-exchangers.

Launched in 1992, forecasts 120,000 home swaps across more than 150 countries this year. “We’ve enjoyed an exciting 13-per-cent growth in membership over the last six months … and are proud to be the largest home exchange service in the world,” said Keghan Hurst, director of Global Community for “Last year, [our] members saved more than $300 million on their vacation budget and are on track to accrue even larger savings this year.”

In addition to saving up to 58 per cent of typical vacation costs, home-exchangers show an increased interest in sharing more than just a home. Members are also enquiring about swapping cars, outdoor activity and sports equipment such as bicycles, surfboards, kayaks and camping gear as well as guest cards to local athletic clubs.


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