MCLEAN, Va. — Hilton Worldwide has upgraded its in-house corporate responsibility measurement platform — LightStay — across its global portfolio of hotels.

LightStay forecasts energy and water consumption at each property and identifies any discrepancies in usage, enabling hotel operating teams, owners and management groups to take corrective action. This next generation of LightStay tracks historical energy and weather data to forecast future energy usage levels and predict the impact of performance on cost and annual consumption, taking into account variables such as occupancy and weather.

“Through this comprehensive upgrade of LightStay, we are able to manage our impact globally and provide customized solutions for our hotels to improve and optimize performance,” says Maxime Verstraete, VP of Sustainability, Hilton Worldwide. “With more than 4,440 hotels, our ability to make a positive impact on the environment, while managing our business, is massive.”



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