WALTHAM, Mass. — A survey conducted by U.S.-based Bentley’s Center for Marketing Technology and commissioned by the International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors finds an overwhelming majority of front-line hotel front-desk staff say print is far from dead.

The surveyed workers say having brochure displays readily available for hotel guests is the best way to provide helpful information.

“In the age of mobile phones and devices, guests still look to the front desk for printed, tangible brochures and visitor maps,” says CMT director Ian Cross. “Data suggests the importance of well-placed printed materials in displays catches the attention of guests and fosters interaction with front desk staff.”

Other findings include:
• 98 per cent of front-desk staff favour printed media
• 94 per cent of hotels surveyed provide visitor information for guests using a brochure display
• 83 per cent of respondents overwhelming support the availability of print media, ranking it extremely important for guests

The results were produced from 1,560 responses from hospitality professionals in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Greece.



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