MONTREAL — Germain Hotels has partnered with Teknotip, an electric tipping service, which is now available in its 18 properties across Canada.

Guests staying at Germain Hotels can now scan the QR code given to them with their room key card, then fill in the fields on the page that opens. They can enter the amount of tip and the department, and then the money is paid directly to the team members.

“While credit cards have helped make our lives easier, they also mean that we are less likely to carry cash. For our employees, this has translated into less income,” says Christiane Germain, co-president of Germain Hotels. “For our guests, going through the hassle of withdrawing money, or resigning themselves to leaving less money or no tip at all, is frustrating and disappointing. I’m convinced that Teknotip offers a win-win solution.”

“Germain Hotels’ enthusiasm for this service confirms how relevant it is,” says Pierre-Luc Bédard, president and founder of Teknotip. “With simple and accessible technology, we are making a lot people happy: hotel guests who no longer have to worry; staff members who will get a higher salary, which is in itself valuable in a more difficult economic context; and the hotel businesses who will be able to count on a mobilized and loyal workforce. In the end, everyone wins.”


  1. Correction, Mr. Bedard : although employee income will hopefully increase thanks to this technology, salaries themselves will not. An important distinction.


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