FAIRFIELD, Conn. — Sustainability is a key theme guiding lighting purchase decisions in the hotel sector, and with the increasing influence of millennials and customization, lighting will continue to evolve. Below is a summary of nine key trends outlined in GE Lighting’s Expert Insights column:

1) LEED certification standards are changing with the adoption of LEED version four, with 20 per cent of points towards optimizing energy performance beyond the ASHRAE 90.1-2010 standard.

2) Compact fluorescent (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps will replace incandescent bulbs.

3) A return to simple design will inspire visually appealing architecture that highlights simple and elegant lighting.

4) Traditional lighting arrangements will fall to the wayside as multi-dimensional spaces combine traditional hotel design and inspiration from theatres, galleries and restaurants.

5) Increased demand for meeting spaces will require additional lighting to facilitate presentations, detail-oriented tasks and other business functions.

6) Smartphones will not only be able to control LED lighting inside guestrooms, but change sound and temperature settings.

7) Millennials seeking new open work environments, such as lobbies and atriums, will require new ambient lighting design. On the other hand, aging baby boomers will benefit from higher-quality LED lighting throughout guestrooms and public spaces.

8) In addition to lowering energy usage by taking advantage of natural light, hoteliers are integrating lighting controls in tandem with occupancy sensors.

9) Keycards that be inserted into a switch to activate lighting, heating and air will save on energy costs.

Read the complete list at gelighting.com.


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