From the Editor: Star Power


In the hotel industry, the essence of success is distilled from a confluence of factors: a great hotel concept featuring well-appointed rooms and location, location, location are certainly paramount to driving the bottom line of most hotel businesses. But, as important as a great property is in putting heads in beds, it’s people who make the biggest difference between a hotel’s success and failure.

Without the passionate individuals who stake everything to launch these hotel enterprises and the countless executives and associates who perform a multitude of important tasks and functions — from welcoming guests at the front desk, to housekeeping personnel that keep a hotel sanitary and clean, to the myriad managers involved in keeping hotels ticking — success simply wouldn’t happen.

At its core, that’s what the Pinnacle Awards are all about — the power of individuals who come together to achieve greatness. Our annual Pinnacle Awards issue, produced as we ready ourselves for the busy holiday season, is a testament to the hard work, true grit, determination, blood, sweat and tears and, above all, the passion of countless individuals. It’s about star power and that’s the one common denominator that threads this month’s stories together.

By shining the spotlight on the accomplishments of individuals and companies, we validate the power we have in our hands to create, build and run successful hotels while inspiring guests and associates alike.

Over the past three decades of Hotelier’s existence, a dynamic industry has been forged from the whimsy of people’s collective dreams. As consumers, we’re blessed to be the benefactors of those dreams, with a plethora of wonderful hotels to experience that welcome, nourish and take care of us.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly volatile and fragile — and is oftentimes wrought with mounting daily pressures — we’re fortunate to be renewed and refreshed by this dynamic industry that takes care of us on so many levels.

As another year comes to a close and a new decade comes calling, let’s look ahead to 2020 not with fear and dread as to what new challenges await us, but rather with anticipation for the vast opportunities that exist to help us deal with them, in the process, shaping a new, exciting and improved landscape. The world may indeed be more turbulent, but we also have more resources, better technology and more creativity at our fingertips than ever before.

In the spirit of the season, and on behalf of the entire KML team, I wish readers and advertisers alike health, happiness, and, as always, a touch of magic.


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