Where has the time gone? That’s a question typically asked at the end of a year. But, it’s an even more relevant question at Kostuch Media where we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our signature Pinnacle Awards program.

When Hotelier magazine’s sister publication, F&H, launched its Man of the Year award (the precursor to the Pinnacles) in December 1988 — presenting the inaugural award to George Cohon, then president of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada — we never could have imagined how one award would spawn several others. Today, it’s a program that encompasses a collection of awards presented annually (this year there’s seven for F&H magazine and four for Hotelier magazine).

With each award presented, we have shone the spotlight on talented individuals and companies distinguished for establishing innovative concepts in foodservice or hotel management as well as their contributions to the image of the industry through civic, educational and community involvement. In lauding their efforts, we underline the importance of excellence in foodservice and hospitality, recognizing that it’s through their collective efforts that we become stronger.

As the team at Kostuch Media raises a glass to congratulate this year’s winners, we also salute a job well done on many fronts. First, we look back with pride at 45 years, celebrating the myriad achievements of the magazine and the industry we serve. Secondly, we pay homage to the award-winning efforts of the remarkable individuals and companies that have shaped this sector. And, finally, we toast the future, looking forward to the continuation of a time-honoured tradition of excellence.

In the spirit of the holiday season, on behalf of our president, Mitch Kostuch, and the KML team, we’d like to wish our readers and advertisers a happy and healthy holiday season filled with many special moments and, as always, a touch of magic.



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