From the Editor: Inspiring Travel Trends


Almost a year after the pandemic surfaced, COVID-19 continues to fuel uncertainty. And, just as consumers were finally starting to feel somewhat optimistic, given the wide distribution of vaccines, a second wave of the virus hit around the world — leading us to question when our lives will return to normal.

The answer remains murky and there are a host of variables to consider: How quickly can the vaccine be distributed around the world? Will there be a subsequent need for vigilance as the virus mutates? And, realistically, can we resume travelling before everyone is vaccinated?

While much remains unclear, the reality is pent-up demand for travel means consumers will want to return to some sense of normalcy sooner rather than later. But, what will travel look like in the post-COVID-19 world? (See story on pg.29). Below are six key trends from U.S.-based Amadeus Hospitality that will shape travel in 2021:

Go Big (near or far) or Stay Home: When travel returns, consumers will likely gravitate towards ‘big-idea’ or ‘bucket-list’ trips to tick off once-in-a-lifetime adventures. The survey found 55 per cent of travellers said they would travel for 14 days or more and 60 per cent expected to take only a few trips a year.

Nomadic Travel: Companies such as Airbnb and Love Home Swap are embracing the trend along with countries such as Barbados, which offers the “digital-nomad” visa. With COVID-19 causing travel restrictions and stress, there’s a clear desire for longer holidays that let people take their work with them.

The Loyalty Shift: COVID-19 has caused the definition of loyalty to morph. Travel providers now demonstrate their loyalty to travellers through their commitments to health, hygiene and safety.

Swipe Right on Tech: Touchless tech will inspire traveller confidence. That means transparency, clear communication and seamless payments and boarding are the winners of 2021.

Travel Agents: While the Internet caused the demise of many travel agencies, the pandemic is now highlighting their critical role. As a result, 2021 will see travel agents become the fountains of all knowledge.

Travel with an impact: Today’s travellers want to minimize their footprint and make sure their presence is having a positive impact on their host destination. Travellers also want to do good: a recent survey found 68 per cent of
travellers want the money they spend


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