TORONTO — FreedomPay has published a new report entitled Hospitality 2020+ The Reasons Why We Talk About Data-Driven Commerce.

The extensive analysis takes an in-depth look at how enterprises that wish to get and stay ahead in a highly competitive and changing sector need to embrace a next-generation, fully integrated, customer-centric platform across all channels.

“Across the hospitality sector, businesses of all sizes are finding themselves having to adjust their strategies to survive in a new data driven era — one of optimistic local and global growth, but also one of unprecedented change in terms of competition, guest expectation, technological empowerment and data regulation,” says Tom Durovsik, founder and CEO of FreedomPay.  “This report clearly highlights the advantages of having a truly data-driven, customer-centric strategy that provides fully integrated solutions via a single payments platform across in-store, online and on-mobile.”

“Hospitality organizations can no longer allow outdated legacy providers to hold them back and must act now to assimilate important functions into data-driven connected digital architecture. The vast majority of processors simply cannot keep pace with advancing technology,” says Christopher Kronenthal, president and CTO of FreedomPay. 


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