TORONTO — Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has launched three new Four Seasons Private Jet journeys for 2017 featuring Culinary Discoveries, a first-of-its-kind journey developed in partnership with Copenhagen-based Noma and its acclaimed head chef René Redzepi.

The three-week Culinary Discoveries itinerary allows travellers to explore some of the world’s most exciting culinary destinations — including Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, Florence, Tokyo, Seoul and Paris — by visiting restaurants and private kitchens and joining local chefs and producers as they travel to markets and farms to taste the best of what is in season. Guests will also visit each location’s historical and cultural landmarks, many of which have influenced cuisine well beyond their borders while staying at Four Seasons hotels and resorts.

“We have always enjoyed the opportunity to travel and explore and to learn about the ingredients and cultures that have helped shape what people eat and how they cook,” says Redzepi. “From our team’s travels across Scandinavia to relocating our restaurant to Tokyo and Sydney, our international journeys have helped expand our minds and our tastes, and influenced the creativity of the Noma kitchen. We look forward to working with Four Seasons to help develop their first-ever Culinary Discoveries journey, and to create an experience that is truly memorable.”


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