TORONTO — Four Seasons Hotels has instituted a company-wide 15-Minute Room Service feature that offers fresh meals in-room, to-go or delivered to a guest’s car in the hotel’s front drive.

“Whether needing to quickly replenish after a workout or wanting to toast the perfect sunset, 15-Minute Room Service provides quick and delicious meals for those who want it right away,” said Christopher Hunsberger, executive vice-president, Global Product and Innovation. “It’s also ideal for those who are on the go. Ideally, every meal would be enjoyed at leisure, but at times we really just need to grab a bite quickly — and there’s no reason it can’t be freshly made with quality ingredients.”

Each of the 86 brand hotels has created its own gourmet menu based on local tastes and ingredients. Guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong could enjoy wonton noodle soup, while guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the Nile Plaza could throw back a signature salad.


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