FOGO ISLAND, N.L. — Fogo Island Inn began welcoming guests on July 2, following the re-opening of the Newfoundland and Labrador border.

Fogo Island Inn has made the following changes:

  • Re-configured its hot tubs to improve elevation, so when guests return, they’ll have even better views of the world around them.
  • Launched a carbon-offset program for guests, through CarbonZero, to help mitigate the impact of guests travel and support a Newfoundland-based environmental project.
  • Cotton fabric has been exchanged for more suitable linen alternatives.
  • Created new workshops and expert-led wellness retreats offered by its island makers.
  • Re-finished its furniture, re-vamped its windows and gave the Inn a fresh coat of paint
  • Made changes to the food-and-beverage menus, sourcing at least 80 per cent of its ingredients from Fogo Island

For eight years since its opening, Fogo Island Inn has been honouring the place and community in everything it does through the work of its parent charity Shorefast

“We’re encouraged because we see a new kind of tourism emerging from this long pause, one that is more community-based, nature-focused and carbon light,” says Zita Cobb, CEO and co-founder of Shorefast, and innkeeper of Fogo Island Inn. “We expect there will be more and more travellers who want their trips to be purposeful and re-generative — the type that leaves a positive impact on people and place.”


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