TORONTO — For almost three decades, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has been committed to preserving local environments through its Fairmont Sustainability partnership in connection with Accor’s Planet21 program.

As part of its proactive environmental approach, some Fairmont Hotel locations in Quebec and British Columbia have implemented Bee Sustainable programs to protect habitats, pollinate gardens and support bee health.

In Quebec, Fairmont Le Château Montebello partnered with Kenauk Nature to install two apiaries for 130,000 bees. The honey is extracted and used by the hotel’s chefs in a variety of desserts and recipes.

In addition, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac set up apiaries on its roof, housing 70,000 bees. In total, the bees produce up to 650lbs of honey per year, which is also harvested and used in the hotel’s kitchens.

In B.C., Fairmont Waterfront, in partnership with Hives for Humanity, is carrying out the Pollinator Corridor Project by introducing mason bees to the hotel’s garden, which helps support and expand bee populations across Vancouver’s parks, gardens and other green spaces.

Similarly, Fairmont Chateau Whistler collaborates with Pollinator Partnership to introduce wild bees that pollinate the garden that supplies the hotel with fresh-tasting herbs and flowers for a variety of food and cocktails.

The Bee Sustainable programming gives Fairmont the opportunity to further educate guests and colleagues about the importance of bee health in stabilizing the ecosystem.


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