BELLEVUE, Wash. — Expedia has announced two new products for hotels that allow hotel operators to access information and respond in real time. 

The new Real Time Feedback product prompts guests to complete a three-question survey shortly after checking in. An app or email notification will ask guests “How was your check-in?; How is your room?; and Are you happy with the location?” The response is then sent to the hotelier, who can immediately act on the feedback if there are any issues. “Our hotel partners have told us time and again that their feedback to a negative review is simply ‘I wish the guest had told us, as we would’ve corrected the issue,’” explains John Kim, chief product officer, Expedia Inc. “So our product team began ideating how we could troubleshoot that, and Real Time Feedback was born.”

The second product, Sell Tonight, communicates hotel rates in real time through Expedia’s tool suite, Expedia PartnerCentral. Hoteliers can access real time, same-day hotel rates in their market.

Both products are testing in the U.S. but are expected to be introduced in Canada soon.


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