BELLEVUE, Wash. ― Expedia recently conducted a study to determine the type of hotel photos that encourage online bookings. Results indicate several types of images and image attributes evoked emotional reactions in shoppers who were monitored to assess their eye-gaze focal points.

The predominant image that sparked interest was of a bedroom with a window view, which had a visual scene and light pouring in to brighten the room. Views from other vantage points such as living rooms, terraces and restaurants were also appealing when there were vistas of something interesting or beautiful. Standard lens images were considered more trustworthy and reliable, whereas distorted fisheye-lens photos evoked negative emotion and suspicion that the hotel was “hiding something.”

When assembling image libraries, Expedia recommends the following tips to maximize conversion opportunities:

-prioritize images of bedrooms with pleasing window views
-include images of secondary spaces (i.e. terrace, restaurant) with attractive vistas
-ensure images are well-lit, using natural light wherever possible
-display any unique features/attributes of the hotel
-ensure rooms/spaces are pristine; avoid clutter and mess
-include bathroom and closet photos
-avoid distorting camera techniques
-include both close-up and perspective shots


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