Electrolux recently reaffirmed its reputation as one of the most environmentally responsible companies in the world. For the sixth-consecutive year, the company was named to the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. The honor, testament to Electrolux’s commitment to the environment, places the company in the top-10 percent of the 2,500 firms included in the Dow Jones Global Indexes. 

In addition Electrolux was named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2012. The company also continues to earn recognition and certification from a number of U.S. and European agencies.
The Electrolux approach to sustainability starts at the design stage, where engineers working on Electrolux Professional products place equal emphasis on high performance and reduced energy and water consumption. Innovations such as Automatic Water Savings (AWS), SmartDosing (SD), and EcoPower illustrate the company’s approach to products that are not only “thinking of you,” but the environment as well.

AWS weighs each wash load and automatically reduces fill levels for loads that are under full capacity. Since many facilities underload 60-70% of the time, this one feature can save on-premises laundries thousands of gallons of water annually. Likewise, SmartDosing reduces chemicals based on the lower water levels. EcoPower dryers sense dryness levels in the load and reduce heat, and as a result, gas consumption. 

Whether you own a coin laundry or are in the hospitality industry, long-term care, or operating a commercial laundry, these are design components that deliver real savings. Electrolux further solidifies its sustainability efforts through employing manufacturing processes that are focused on reducing its impact on the environment.  Production units are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) standards. Though the company’s professional products have a rich history of providing decades of dependable service, even after their useful lives, the products still have a reduced environmental impact. That’s because up to 95 percent of the machine is recyclable.

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