PHOENIX — Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ senior vice-president and Chief Marketing Officer, Dorothy Dowling, will be awarded the Hotel News Now Stephen W. Brener Silver Plate Award at the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference in November 2021.

Dowling is the second woman in history to receive this award, following Marilyn Carlson Nelson, in recognition of her innovation, leadership and contributions to the industry at large. At Best Western Hotels & Resorts, she oversees the brand’s loyalty program, digital marketing and distribution, consumer and field marketing activities, advertising, public relations and B2B sales and marketing.

“Dorothy is most deserving of this coveted recognition,” says David Kong, president and CEO, Best Western Hotels & Resorts. “I’ve had the opportunity to witness firsthand Dorothy’s innovative and strategic thinking for 17 years now. Each day I’ve been inspired by her unrelenting commitment to our industry and her dedication to Best Western’s hoteliers, guests and her team of incredibly talented sales and marketing professionals. I have no doubt that Dorothy’s contributions to the industry will be remembered for generations to come.”

“I’m not surprised that Dorothy is the second woman in history to receive this accolade, as there’s no greater champion for our industry,” says Alison Taylor, Chief Customer Officer, American Airlines. “She has been a catalyst for change through her commitment to collaboration, and her focus on empowering women leaders. I hope the next generation of women in travel embrace Dorothy’s approach to leadership – she has proven that it’s possible to deliver business outcomes while also driving positive change.”

“It’s an honour to be chosen as a Stephen W. Brener Silver Plate Award winner by the NYU conference advisory group,” says Dowling. “This award has been bestowed upon true industry leaders and I’m humbled to be joining the list of winners, including Best Western’s very own president and CEO, David Kong, who won this same award in 2013. Driving progress for the travel industry has been my life’s work, and I hope my contributions to the industry will be as impactful and long lasting as those who have come before me.”


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