VANCOUVER — Destination Canada (DC) has released its phased approach to COVID-19 recovery — Response, Recovery and Resilience — which will be informed by the organization’s ongoing COVID-19 research.

The response phase (now) is focused on strategically shoring-up resources, communicating with the industry to understand its biggest challenges, collecting and distributing data and analysis that can help the organization’s partners make decisions and paving the way for eventual recovery.

The Recovery phase will see DC thoughtfully plan and build for a resilient visitor economy, including reimagining how the organization meets the needs of a rapidly changing world. Key objectives include ensuring sales-and-marketing plans reflect industry and partner changes; planning for speed and scale; inspiring Canadians to travel Canada again; and that brand Canada shows the world we have turned the corner.

The resilience phase will focus on investing in community-based tourism — enriching what the country has to offer and distributing the benefits of a visitor economy to more Canadians. Resilience objectives include replacing lost demand with a continued focus on domestic audiences and other markets as signals indicate. During this phase, DC also aims to balance pent up demand with compression-relief activities; incent international trade; strengthen the industry’s ability to weather future storms; and educate stakeholders about the new normal themes.

The complete COVID-19 Plan Summary is available at


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