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GATINEAU, Que. — Destination Canada highlighted Canada’s thriving visitor economy at its 18th-Annual Public Meeting, held in Gatineau, Que., on November 28.

“When we talk about the visitor economy, we mean a simple act from one visitor and the ripple effect that it has on Canada,” says David Goldstein, president and CEO, Destination Canada. “Understanding our role in the bigger picture reminds us of our raison d’etre.”

During his presentation, Goldstein pointed to the organization’s Team-Canada approach, data-driven marketing and focus on the next era of travel as key ways Destination Canada supports the thriving visitor economy.

Speaking to the next era of travel, he stressed compression as a serious issue facing Canada’s tourism industry, emphasizing the need to maintain sell-out seasons, while shining a spotlight on all four seasons and lesser-known destinations.

“We know that the visitor economy is huge and we’ve only just begun to realize its full potential,” says Goldstein. “We are working with partners in new and creative ways.”

A full video of Destination Canada’s Annual Public Meeting will be available on in December.


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