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LONGUEUIL, Que. — LOC International has partnered with Desjardins Capital to continue its growth. This strategic partnership will enable the Quebec-based company to strengthen its position in the North-American market and solve labour shortages. 

LOC International serves independent hotels and hotel chains mostly in North America and Europe by providing them with electronics, appliances and digital solutions for virtual events and cashless tipping.

“Not only are hotels running short on time and staff, but they’re also being held to increasingly higher standards in terms of guest experience. Our products and innovative solutions can help the hotel industry become more modern to ensure enjoyable, quality stays for guests. We’re very happy to be able to count on Desjardins Capital’s support and expertise to help us pursue our company’s mission,” says Vincent Beaudet, president and CEO of LOC International.

“Like most industries, hospitality has to keep modernizing to stay efficient, competitive and attractive to consumers. This situation offers strong development potential in North America. Desjardins Capital is confident that LOC International executives will harness their considerable experience to seize growth opportunities. And we’re proud to be able to promote a company from here on the international stage,” says Nathalie Bernard, Chief Operating Officer of Desjardins Capital. 

This partnership will also help create new divisions and support the growth of LOC International, LOC Medical and the Teknotip tipping solution.


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