Delta Hotels by Marriott associates and Don Cleary, president of Marriott International Canada (fifth from left), planting trees during a GreenStay planting event

BETHESDA, Md. — Delta Hotels by Marriott, in partnership with Wearth, has helped plant more than 100,000 trees in conserved lands across Alberta through the brand’s GreenStay program.

The GreenStay program, which launched in February 2015, gives guests the option to plant one tree for each night they have opted out of housekeeping. Wearth plants the trees on behalf of every GreenStay guest night. Guests must stay at least two nights to participate in the program.

With the success of the program in Alberta, Deltal Hotels by Marriott and Wearth are now taking the GreenStay program across Canada, with the first new plantings to happen in Niagara, Ont.

“We are extremely proud of reaching 100,000 trees planted in Alberta, and look forward to planting the next 100,000 in Niagara, Ont. and across the country,” says Don Cleary, president, Marriott Hotels of Canada.

The trees to be planted in Niagara will help combat the destructive effects of the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle that has impacted many of the region’s trees.


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