Cutler has been a leading Canadian manufacturer of quality wood products for more than 40 years. With exceptional growth across multiple retail platforms in Canada and the U.S., Cutler is thrilled to engage with the Hotelier [do they mean the magazine or the industry?] family to offer a wide range of products. Located just north of Toronto, the Cutler Group Inc. manufactures and distributes kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and wood products. Cutler’s wood products include commodity-sheet products, high-pressure laminates, fabricated forestry products, adhesives and more. Cutler sources a wide range of innovative raw materials to produce and create modern and stylish products. Since 2007, Cutler Kitchen and Bath has been transforming kitchens and bathrooms for style-conscious homeowners across Canada. In addition, we offer modern living solutions for decorative shelving, wall paneling and storage systems through Cutler Kitchen & Bath and Cutler Modern Living. Specializing in stylish and functional cabinetry, Cutler has launched a smart-space furniture program with a broad offering to new developments for condos, office and commercial spaces. Cutler Kitchen and Bath offers a number of designs, customizable layouts,and fantastic finishes to suit any design scheme. Let Cutler personalize your space and perfect your cabinetry needs.


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