VANCOUVER — Chinese cruises, young travellers and peer-to-peer accommodations are among the top trends predicted for 2014, according to a recent report by the Vancouver-based Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

CTC researchers predict China will become the second-largest global cruise market after the U.S. by 2017. This is in keeping with the Chinese government’s five-year plan to encourage cruise holidays, a relatively new concept for Chinese consumers.

What’s more, the youth travel market is expanding at nine per cent per annum compared with two per cent for the general population. It’s also worth noting that the cohort uses mobile concierges at hotels and peer-to-peer accommodations and travel services, such as ride-sharing, which often relies on a smartphone app.

Meanwhile, peer-to-peer accommodations, including services such as Airbnb, HouseTrip and HomeAway, will keep emerging and prospering as budget-conscious families, young travellers and others prefer to stay and cook together in a home-like atmosphere while sampling authentic experiences and local flavours.


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