TORONTO — The CN Tower celebrated its 42nd birthday by revealing renovations to its main observation level. The renovation was designed to modernize and enhance the guest experience, while providing universal access. This is the most significant renovation to the CN Tower since it opened in 1976.

Three new bistros offer Canadian food and beverages to guests as they take in the 360-degree views. A new glass floor has been installed above the original, providing guests with a dramatic, two-tier vertical view of the ground almost 350 metres below. This new observation level can be customized to host events for up to 800 guests. Floor-to-ceiling glass “window walls” were also installed across three sections, creating a near seamless, unobstructed panoramic view of the city.

“It’s essential that CN Tower’s renovation and upgrades tie into our commitment to accessibility,” says John McBain, president and CEO, Canada Lands Company — owner and operator, of the CN Tower. “The window walls and the new glass floor take the visitor experience to the next level and ensure it remains thrilling and unique among the world’s greatest towers.”


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