WARWICK, R.I. — As hoteliers address the overall comfort, wellness and the condition of their mattress assets, they often turn to mattress encasements with six sides of waterproofing without understanding the consequences of the product design.

A mattress encasement with six sides of waterproofing will absorb body heat and trap air because the fabric is not air permeable, causing the mattress temperature to increase and the hotel guest to sleep hot.

CleanBrands, known for its PRO line of zippered mattress encasements, have extended the line by launching PRO Max to solve the hot-bed problem created by waterproof encasements with poor airflow and breathability.

“The PRO Max zippered mattress encasement is designed to provide maximum protection and airflow with sleep surfaces that are up to six-times more breathable than our competitors,” says Andrew Walters, Marketing director, CleanBrands, “PRO Max has four sides of waterproofing to protect the top, bottom and long ends of the mattress from spills and similar spoilage, while the short ends (header and footer) are finished with venting fabric to allow a tremendous amount of air to flow away from the mattress during the night. PRO Max is also 100-per-cent bed-bug proof and hypoallergenic.”

Independent airflow tests by Vartest have confirmed that competing mattress encasements with six sides of waterproofing allow zero cubic feet of air per minute to escape the encasement. The result of the same test performed on PRO Max confirms the vented ends can move 6,200 cubic feet of air per minute — allowing your guests to sleep cool.

WATCH THE LEAF BLOWER TEST VIDEO at cleanrest.com/promax

CleanBrands used two identical gas-powered leaf blowers to blow air into PRO Max and the primary competitor’s product with six sides of waterproofing. The results are funny, but convincing.

Free samples of PRO Max are also available at cleanrest.com


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