Choice Hotels International Reception Area (Tony Powell)

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Choice Hotels International, Inc. is moving its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to boost its technology-leadership position within the hotel industry.

Choice Hotels, which develops some of its own technology, will migrate more than 1,000 applications to AWS, moving off legacy systems to help improve performance, scalability and reliability. The move will allow the company to deploy new cloud-based systems globally in minutes as it continues to expand its international footprint.

AWS is already home to some of Choice Hotels’ primary business applications, including its global reservation system (GRS) and distribution platform, property-management system and data-analytics platform.

Choice Hotels has also teamed with the Amazon ML Solutions Lab to identify uses for machine learning across its businesses and guide its teams in the development of new machine-learning-enabled features, products and processes. By leveraging AWS machine-learning and analytics services, the company will be able to provide more personalized experiences for its customers; use trend analysis paired with data analytics to identify systems issues; and interpret and resolve those issues without human intervention.

“Choice Hotels is an established leader in innovation and the migration of the company’s infrastructure to AWS will help build upon Choice’s legacy of technology innovations and industry firsts,” says Brian Kirkland, Chief Technology Officer, Choice Hotels. “We closely evaluated several public cloud providers and found that AWS was the best fit for our cloud-first approach, delivering the broadest and deepest portfolio of cloud services and innovating at a faster pace than the rest of the industry. With AWS, we will also be able to leverage the industry’s leading machine-learning and analytics services to fuel real-time decision making across our business and transform the way we deliver our services to franchisees and customers.”


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