MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — Carver & Associates, an independent consulting firm providing interior design and procurement of FF&E, has opened a new Canadian office in Mississauga, Ont. The new office space enables the company to accelerate growth in interior design and purchasing services and provides capacity for procurement, project management, design consultancy and customer-support services.

“What makes Carver & Associates unique from a lot of other competitors is that we’ve done the job,” says Manuela Kennedy, partner, Carver & Associates Hospitality Canada. “We’ve operated the hotels, we’ve designed the hotels, we’ve procured for the hotels, we’ve worked with the brands. We pride ourselves on only hiring the best expertise to make sure that we have a timely project that is successful for our clients.”

Carver & Associates enjoys an international reputation and boasts offices in Atlanta, Ga., Griffin, Ga. and Las Vegas, Nev., with affiliate offices in Mexico City, Dubai and Seoul.


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