VANCOUVER — The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver recently received a wildlife-friendly habitat certification from the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF). The property was recognized for meeting CWF’s specific criteria and best practices outlines in its Backyard Habitat Certification Program.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation as a wildlife-friendly habitat,” says Marion Harper Treskin, GM of The Westin Bayshore. “Our landscaping has been created with wildlife in mind to provide beauty and tranquility for the hotel grounds. The gardens allow our guests to see natural local vegetation on the property, which adds to the overall experience of visiting Vancouver.”

Westin Bayshore’s actions have had a positive impact on local and migratory wildlife — some of which are at risk of extinction. The trees, flowers and water around the property provide a welcoming environment for neighbouring wildlife, which includes sea otters, squirrels and hummingbirds.

“CWF is pleased to recognize the leadership and dedication of everyone involved in the development of The Westin Bayshore garden,” says Rick Bates, CEO of the Canadian Wildlife Federation. “The trees, flowers and water features welcome wildlife and plant a positive environmental message. This helps promote a conservation ethic and encourages others to consider the benefits of gardening with wildlife in mind.”


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