WHISTLER, B.C. — The Pangea Pod Hotel will open in Whistler, B.C. in April 2018. Located in the centre of the pedestrian village, the property is designed for the solo traveller seeking a boutique-hotel feel and a prime location at an affordable price-point.

“Pangea is unlike anything else offered in Canada,” says co-founder Russell Kling. “Pangea will speak to sophisticated, value-conscious guests unwilling to compromise on location, function and aesthetics. We’re currently obsessively perfecting the industrial design of the pods and the interior design of the communal spaces. We’re also completing an exhaustive update to the exterior to bring this prime property into the 21st century.”

Pangea will feature a series of custom suites housing a total of 88 private sleeping pods. Each boutique pod will be lined in wood and outfitted with a memory foam double mattress and high-end linens. They’ll also be equipped with LED lights, multiple charging points (including USB ports) and fan for ventilation and white noise. There’s a place for everything, with a lockable cabinet for valuables, hangers and hooks for clothes and a storage area for luggage. Mirrors and artwork lend a personal touch, while curtains provide a fundamental level of privacy.

The modular bathroom concept features four individually accessed components: spa-like showers, washrooms, vanities and changing rooms. More than 60 of these bathroom components are spread among Pangea’s suites.

The Living Room, Pangea’s hub, features a café, lounge and bar. Guests can also enjoy The Patio, Pangea’s rooftop bar. The Toy Box — a meticulously designed open-plan gear area — will offer secure storage for sporting equipment and accessories.

“Pangea will reinvent accommodation in Whistler for travellers who expect more for less and want to spend their money on experiences, not on several hundred feet of hotel room space,” says Kling. “Our guests seek a killer location, brilliant design, a cool vibe and key elements of privacy. They have money to spend, but not to waste.”

See a video preview of Pangea Pod Hotel here.


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