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PARIS — Canada was ranked as the third-best “nation brand,” according to the 2020 Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI), marking the second-consecutive year Canada has ranked third out of the index’s 50 countries.

The NBI ranks countries based on factors including, exports, people, governance, culture, tourism, immigration and investment. This year is marked by an overall decline in perception of nations’ reputations.

“The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2020 results clearly show individual country brands are as distinctive as ever and that performance on key drivers of image have ebbed and flowed from one country to another,” says Milorad Ajder, Ipsos Global Service Line leader, Reputation.

Germany was ranked the number-1 spot for a fourth-consecutive year. Germany’s leading advantage is its consistent strengths across multiple reputational categories, particularly exports, immigration and investment, culture and governance.

The United Kingdom was up from fourth to second place in this year’s ranking. Top marks were given for the United Kingdom’s exports, immigration and investment, as well as improved perceptions of its governance, culture, people and tourism.

Canada was also recognized with first place in three important categories, including governance, people and immigration/investment. This year’s survey noted one of Canada’s reputational strengths lies in its people, with respondents noting a positive opinion about the welcoming nature of Canadians. It also highlighted its relative brand weaknesses, which lie in exports and tourism categories.

The NBI is a comprehensive study that evaluates the perceptions of 50 nations from respondents in 20 countries, conducted through 20,019 online interviews. The complete report is available at


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