Do the words free and no cost seem like empty promises to you these days? Well customers of Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) might not think so.  

Due to the current economic challenges facing the hospitality industry, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction is more important than ever before.  SQM has recognized these challenges and is now introducing an unprecedented and innovative solution. The program was initially developed for the transportation industry – chiefly for the airlines – but it also works well for all facets of the hospitality industry. After successfully testing the program, SQM has released it to hundreds of properties around the world, and the list continues to grow.

The new program is called the “No Fee Mystery Shop”, and as the name suggests, these inspections are completed at no cost to the company, other than the expenses incurred during the course of the visit (i.e. room charges, taxes). There are absolutely no inspection fees, travel expenses or hidden costs associated with this program.

With no inspection fees, companies are able to complete as many or as few Mystery Shop evaluations as they would like, in order to monitor brand standards, improve customer service levels, prepare for corporate audits, and keep staff motivated. This program is an exceptional way to address the needs of individual properties to receive detailed information on their operation, while also addressing today’s budgetary concerns. Businesses have the opportunity to save significantly, while still focusing on quality assurance.

SQM understands the advantages of helping clients maintain a focus on customer service during tough times, and the success stories and significant savings speak for themselves. With creative solutions such as the “No-Fee Mystery Shopping Program,” SQM enables clients to take control of their business, brand, customers, and their financial future during a time that is fraught with many uncontrollable factors.

Research shows that companies who are committed to quality assurance and customer satisfaction during tough economic times, are in a far better position than their competition when the economy rebounds. Customer service goes hand in hand with increasing the bottom line, so why not aim to improve both without having to spend more money?

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