What’s the coffee situation like at your business? Do your employees and guests relish their morning cup? Or do they choke it down hoping that the caffeine fix sticks around longer than the taste? Without a doubt, better coffee equals happier employees and guests. And now there’s a way to have it all while improving your bottom line.

With our Melitta for Business subscription service, you can give everyone a delicious coffeehouse experience without breaking the bank or worrying about administrative overhead. You’ll enjoy flexible plans and easy straight-to-your-door deliveries. It’s an environmentally friendly way to increase productivity among your employees, and because each cup is handcrafted using our Pour-Over™ method, it’s a great way to increase your coffee credentials (and your margins) when serving to guests. And right now, receive FREE Pour-Over™ Coffeemakers when you sign up!

Need a little more convincing? We’re glad you asked.

Cut your coffee cost by 50% or more.

A cup of our Pour-Over™ coffee costs about 25¢. Compare that to 60¢ for an average single-serve pod, and the savings stack up fast. Not to mention all the plastic you’ll save from entering our landfills when you give up the single serve plastic cups.

Coffeehouse quality in way less time.

Coffee should increase productivity, not kill it. But if your employees have to leave work to get a good cup, that’s exactly what’s happening. With Melitta for Business, you can swap those 20-minute coffee runs for 2-minute Pour-Over™ brew times.

You only brew what you use.

How much coffee does your business dump down the drain every day? With Pour-Over™, every drop brewed gets drunk. It’s 0% waste (filters and grounds get composted), and 100% taste.

Subscriptions on cruise control.

Just choose your favourite products, select when you want them delivered and leave the rest to us. Need to make a change? You can easily manage your subscription by logging into your portal. We’ll also help you keep track of your subscription by sending you an alert before each delivery.

Whether it’s for your employees, guests or both, with Melitta for Business everyone gets better tasting coffee for less.

Visit melittaforbusiness.ca today and get FREE Pour-Over™ Coffeemakers when you sign up!


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