TORONTO —, a website design to book hotel and other accommodations online, is launching a travel campaign on major broadcast media networks.

The Booking.yeah campaign aims to “transform the word ‘booking’ from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction that uniquely delivers to its customers,” reads the press release.

The company, which is based in Amsterdam, is trying to capture its share of the estimated 31 days that Canadians spend on vacation yearly. “I know is a perfect match for the Canadian traveller because, as a company, we are completely caught up in the delight that comes from finding the perfect accommodation, every time. That means understanding what delight means for our customers and consistently delivering on that, all day, all night, from anywhere in the world,” said Darren Huston, CEO of

The service, which offers a lowest-price guarantee, is available in more than 193 countries, with 414,000 properties system-wide.


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