Transforming today’s hotel boardroom with collaborative tech solutions

As technology evolves, the hospitality and hotel industries continue to develop along with it. Consumers adopt new technologies faster than ever in their professional and personal lives and they expect to have these advancements replicated when they travel. In particular, as business clients steer towards entrepreneurial ventures, they require a seamless, connected and personalized experience at hotels — from check-in to check-out.

As technology advances, companies equip their employees for remote work and meetings on the go with devices that allow them to travel efficiently and deliver high-quality information to their clients or stakeholders from the road. When guests book a hotel boardroom to deliver a presentation or host important clients, they expect the technology available to them will mirror the advanced, connected technology systems they use every day at work. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case: many business travellers are met with outdated projector systems or inadequate cables to connect their tech tools.

So how can Canadian hotels ensure they’re staying up to date with the rapidly increasing consumer demands around technology? “There are easy, immediate changes hotels can make to their boardrooms to solve pain points around inefficient workspaces,” says Mary Peterson, vice-president, Sales & Marketing, Digital Display and Memory Business, Samsung Canada. “It’s always important to keep their most frequent guests — the business traveler — in mind when looking to re-design and upgrade any tech boardroom spaces; which is why Samsung plays such an integral role in the hotel industry.”

Offer multiple content streams for clients.

Today’s hotel guests want to connect their devices easily to readily available technology systems wherever they travel. Fortunately, Samsung’s ecosystem provides a range of innovative experiences for its consumers as its product library expands and penetrates the market. When guests are able to connect with multiple devices — to transfer content from mobile, to TV, to presentation screen and more — hotels are better able to attract more tech-savvy customers to the hotel for business purposes and the practice encourages creative, collaborate thinking.

Consider room layout, colours and furniture when designing board rooms.

Understanding customers’ needs for meetings helps determine the most efficient use of a hotel boardroom’s layout. It may appear that all meetings can take place within the same type of room, but that isn’t the case. In order to outfit the boardroom appropriately, hotels need to understand the different types of working sessions, brainstorms, one-to-ones or presentations that may occur within the boardroom’s space.

It’s also important to cater to different meeting styles with a variety of tech tools when a hotel designs an efficient workspace. Most hotels only hold a couple of boardrooms and it’s helpful to keep them in a transitional state that accommodates several purposes, such as internal discussions, customer meetings or formal presentations. The Samsung Space Monitor is a modern, minimal and flexible design solution that can easily be incorporated into any boardroom and its built-in space-saving technology transforms a space or desk from a working area into a collaborate, clutter-free space.

Encourage collaboration and creative thinking.

While providing connectivity and encouraging an efficient workplace can contribute to collaborative and creative thinking, other specific tools can be introduced into a boardroom space that further promote these key attributes. Easy-to-use, unique tools help bring team members together and allow them to focus their efforts on the key elements of their meeting, undistracted by having to solve tech solutions or poor set-ups.

Samsung Flip allows guests to transform any hotel space into a productive, collaborative meeting room that allows teams to work smarter, better and faster. This digital flip chart is a customizable display that can be configured to either a portrait or landscape orientation, pending individual meeting needs. Files can be shared or mirrored directly from a smartphone, tablet or PC and notes are taken directly on the screen. Post-meeting, captured notes are shared digitally to email — a practice that revolutionizes content sharing post-meeting.

This easy-to-use tech tool allows up to four people at one time to introduce content or annotate directly on screen, making the challenges presented with archaic projectors or unreliable whiteboards a thing of the past. Rather than watching one person lead a meeting, guests are inspired to collaborate and ideate together — ultimately resulting in a more efficient meeting.

Understanding the ever-changing technology needs of guests is key to the success of any hotel chain. That’s why Samsung, considered a leader in hospitality technology, both understands and caters to these needs. With its versatile and secure technology solutions for Canadian hoteliers, Samsung has become an integral part of the connected world experience, ultimately simplifying and enriching the connected lives of Canadians.

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