TORONTO — BLT Construction Services and its partners recently developed a solution to support the healthcare system.

The immediate building solution addresses the increased demand for hospital space. Alberta-based Sprung Structures supplies the temporary, reusable structures, which are designed and built by BLT and provide a contained environment and support three critical aspects of care: screening, testing and isolation.

The company presented the solution at all levels of government and has been working with hospitals to provide them with immediate temporary facilities, including ICU overflow facilities, vehicle-entry triage units, pedestrian-entry triage units and accommodation and isolation units.

“We’re at a critical and time-sensitive point in supporting our hospitals and our frontline healthcare workers,” Mark Watts, president of BLT Construction Services, said in March. “Orders from outside Canada will quickly deplete the stock of Sprung Structures and our Canadian medical system will not be able to cope with the magnitude and scale of cases. Having a sense of urgency and agility at this time will be a significant game changer and we must work together, with all levels of government, institutions and our teams, to help defeat this pandemic.”

In recent weeks, BLT has undertaken projects in Ontario, including a temporary, 93-bed facility at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington that created surge capacity for the hospital and a similar facility at Trillium Health Partners’ Mississauga Hospital.

“BLT deeply cares for our customers and community. Our community and partners are hurting, especially our brave frontline workers who are overwhelmed,” Watts continued. “BLT and all our associates, including consultants, suppliers, subtrades, and partnering companies are willing to step up and help to make a difference.”


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