AMSTERDAM — Bidroom, a free, membership-based online travel club, is looking to expand its reach in North America and attract pandemic-weary travellers eager to find new ways to dream, share and, eventually, travel again.

Targeting modern consumers who are ready for new experiences, but anxious about savings and keen on benefits, Bidroom aims to offer better hotel deals than anywhere else, including online travel agencies, with up to 25-per-cent off. The ‘freemium’ concept allows travel lovers to benefit from a host of hotel deals and travel extras, including discounts on car rentals, reduced fees, hotel-room upgrades and discounts on travel services, such as luggage storage and city tours. Alternatively, the $39 annual membership unlocks additional savings and benefits.

“With more than 160,000 bookable hotels around the world, Bidroom is not just a place to book your travel,” says Michael Ros, CEO and co-founder. “We are a community of like-minded businesses, partners and travellers who want to build a more inclusive and fair-minded travel community.”

With most travellers looking to domestic travel in 2021, Bidroom’s immediate plans are to expand its network of partner hotels in North America. Ros believes its unique, no-commission partnership model will entice hotels that are looking to do business differently as the industry emerges from the pandemic.

As travel businesses, including airlines, increasingly look to move to a subscription economy, Bidroom provides added value for both travellers and partners willing to include additional benefits and enhance their value proposition.


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